Porro Prism vs Roof Prism – Which One Is Better?

Porro prism vs roof prism binocular

Few Words About Prism

This article is all about the prism type in depth: Porro Prism vs roof prism. Prism, Prism is an optical instrument with a flat, polished base that refracts the light. It is a transparent element. At least one base should be angled. The most common shape of the prism is triangular with a triangular base. Angles absorb the light and disperse the light then the color spectrum is created. So for correcting the image orientation, we use prisms. 

What prisms do? Prism increases the light path in optics from the objective lens to the eyepiece, as well as increases the magnification without expanding the binocular cylinder length. Most of the optics are made of BAK-4 prisms. .If you are planning to buy a binocular then there is a great pair of binocular with a buying guide. So that you can get the knowledge of which one is best for you. Let’s go through prism types.

Prism Types

There are two types of prism that we get in binocular.

1. Porro Prism

2. Roof Prism

Porro Prism vs Roof Prism ​

Porro Prism

Porro prism vs roof prism structure

Porro prism includes two right-angled prisms that are facing each other. The objective lens tube of Porro prism is offset from the eyepiece. That is why we called it porro prism. Porro prism is made to increase the light in its path and increase the magnification so that we can get a clear, bright image. Porro prism binoculars are bigger and heavier in size than roof prism but it is very much popular in traditional days still In the modern era it is equally necessary. These binoculars are less durable because of these factors such as bulkier and wider in size as well as very difficult to find waterproof quality in these binoculars.


1. The most extensive field of view

2. Improve picture quality

3. Better depth recognition


1. Heavy and Bigger

2. Difficult to find waterproof quality

3. Less durability

Roof Prism

Porro prism vs roof prism structure

Roof prism is directly in line with the eyepiece. Roof prism also has two types  Abbe-Koenig and Schmidt-Pechan. Abbe-Koenig includes two connected prisms of V-shape and extends the light. Schmidt-pechan also includes two prisms that are separated by a slight air gap. It travels the longer light path than abbe-Koenig prism and helps to improve brightness and light absorbance. It is more compact than an abbe-Koenig prism. Roof prisms are slimmer and compact design binocular. Roof prism binocular manufacturing is costlier so it is available at a high price in the market today.


1. More streamlined design

2. More compact

3. Waterproof quality

4. More Lightweight

5. More durable

6. Improve magnification strength

7. Easy to hold Binocular



1. More Expensive

2. Less extensive field of view

3. less clarity

The budget difference of Porro prism vs Roof Prism Binocular

Porro prisms are available in the market under $100. In this budget, you can find an average porro prism binocular and if you want a good pair of binocular you can find under $100 to $200. 

Roof prisms as we know roof prisms are lightweight and easy to hold. It is available in the market at a higher price. If you want a good pair of binoculars with superior picture quality then it comes under $200 to $1000.

Final Verdict

Porro prisms are a great option for bird watching and hunting in less budget. It helps you to get a wider field of view with great image quality. As per experts. If you are planning to explore the beauty in forests or for nearer objects porro prism is a better option for you. 

If you are planning for a longer range of wildlife or you are an astronomy lover then you have a requirement of better magnification then you should choose a roof prism binocular. Both of the prisms have their own quality. 

One mantra of all the problems that You have to just find out your needs, your preference after that you can decide which one is better for you. So select the best binocular which comes under your budget, needs, and preferences. I hope you got a better idea of porro prism vs roof prism.

How To Hold Binoculars Steady: Few Tips And Tricks

How to hold Binoculars steady??

In this Article, We will describe how to hold the binoculars. We’ ll present some Tips and tricks to consistent your binoculars. Let’s start to go through the most proficient method to hold binoculars. This is an important part of all Binoculars hobbyists know because there is no point in using binoculars when you don’t know about how to keep binoculars for outdoor activities. Pick The Best Hunting Binocular to follow your passion.

What Is Image Shaking?

When you are going through an image shaking problem. So there is no need to worry. When you have face image shaking problems too much then you are Binocular of higher Magnification. Use a little less intensity binocular to solve your problem. But if you are comfortable with that magnification then we have some methods below to solve image shaking problems.

Few Word About Magnification

Binocular comes in some different specifications like 8 * 42. What are the mean 8 * 42. 8 means 8 times magnification and 42-millimeter objective lens available in your binocular. When we Choose Binocular We should not use higher than 10x magnification and 50mm objective lens size. You know When We use Higher specification than this then we’ll face image shaking problems in Binoculars.

How To Keep Binocular Steady

Few techniques and devices to know when you want to keep our binocular steady. Because maybe you want to see bird watching in low light, or want to see in the sky, or to enjoy astronomy through binoculars.

1. Body Mechanism

This is the important thing to know: Adjust your body mechanism to hold binoculars steady. It is completely free. Hold your elbows against your chest for support while standing. If you are sitting position then A chair can remove a portion of general tremors of your body attempting to adjust, You can even place your elbow on the chair arms for additional stability. Another great way if you are on the road is to lean behind a tree or use binoculars on a stick or branch.

2. Tripod

How to hole binocular steady?

Tripod is a great investment when you are planning for hunting and astronomy or stargazing. So at that time, you have some stability while using a binocular. So then you’ll have a requirement of the tripod mount, First to connect the tripod and binocular. Some Binocular comes with an already tripod adaptable. You just need to find your proprietor’s manual to find the screw string. There is the best tripod: Vortex optics binocular tripod adapter. Snap zoom Universal Binocular tripod mount is best for universally fitting. For the tripod, you can’t make out badly with the fully customizable GEEKOTO 77 ” tripod. It is extremely lightweight at just 3.37 pounds and transforms into either a tripod or monopod for the adaptability involved.

3. Neck Strap

How to hold Binocular steady

When you are facing neck strain while using a binocular then there are convenient and straightforward arrangements. So, use a binocular strap and harness, It will help to prevent neck strain while you hold the binocular. This is a good option, but when using a strap you have to focus on your body mechanism as well for the ideal arrangement. I have described it above. Using a strap is good enough when we talk about economical things. This helps to reduce the shaking image without an expensive investment in a tripod or mount. The Vortex Optics binocular strap is the best I would recommend to you.


Follow one of the above strategies to reduce shake and improve your glassing . So no need to buy less magnification binocular for bird watching, stargazing, outdoor activities, etc. when you don’t have a requirement to go here and there and then choose a tripod and an accompanying mount to steady a view. So, I hope you get an idea how to hold a hunting binocular steady. Also it will improve your confidence while using binoculars.

How To Choose The Best Hunting Binocular – Pick The Best One

How to choose Best Binocular?

Choosing Best Binocular is the one of the most concern things. Individuals are having doubts about what is the best binocular? What is good in price? What binoculars will meet your needs? No need to worry. We are here to solve your problem.

When we choose a pair of binoculars for Bird watching, hunting, outdoor activities, sports and different activities etc. There are some important things to notice: magnification, image quality, prism type, your needs, your budget etc. Pick the best hunting binocular to follow your passion.

Some Important Things To Notice Before Buying Binocular

Best Hunting Binocular


There are different specifications available in the market regarding binoculars. It is available in 8x to 10x and above than this. 8x magnification in binocular gives you a good brighter and a clear view. 10x Magnification in binoculars give a great view with detailed images when objects are at a larger distance. Now you are thinking that when you go above 10x you’ll see a better view no that’s not true even though when you’ll magnify your image above this then you will not be able to see steadiness in your view. So 10x is perfect Magnification definitely it will fulfill your needs. The main thing to notice when you buy above this is that the weight of the binocular will be heavy and difficult to manage.

Objective Lens

Objective Lens is all about how much light the binoculars will observe. the larger the objective lens, the better view you’ll get. Larger objective lenses also work at night such as night sky viewing, bird watching. But when you have a plan to watch lions on sunny days or whales in the sea then light will work against you and your view. So Sometimes Small size of objective lens is also good. A 32 mm objective lens is good to see a limited amount of detail but when you go below then it will be an unsatisfactory decision for you. a 42 mm objective lens is better and it will fulfill all your needs. 50mm is also better than this but it will be heavier and expensive as well.

Prism Type

There are two main types of prism available in the market one is roof prism the other one is porro prism Binocular. Now how we will decide what type of prism is this. When the eyepiece is in direct line with an objective lens then this is roof prism. When the eyepiece is not in a direct line with an objective lens then it is Porro prism. Porro prism is slightly good in image quality and also in cost but they are less durable and not waterproof. Roof prism is available with more compact design, higher quality waterproof, better magnification and slimmer. But roof prisms are a little bit expensive and sometimes you can lose depth and clarity of image.

Optical Coating

Coating is available in two categories: one is single layer coating and the other one is multi layer coating. It is available on the surface of an objective lens. It helps to reduce the light reflection. Good coating not is in your binocular so you can lose light and glare. Multi layer coating helps to reduce light reflection that cannot be reduced by single layer coating. So for a brighter and clear vision of image choose multi layer coating instead single layer of coating.

Exit Pupil

It will help when you want to see a brighter and clearer image. Exit pupil will be obtained when you divide the objective lens by magnification. The larger the exit pupil, the great vision you’ll get. The 7mm exit pupil is better for a brighter, wider, larger image.


Now I hope you have the idea how to choose the best binocular to follow your passion. Try Before Buy Binocular That is a mantra for all of us. Follow the Buying Guide And pick the best one for yourself. Spotting Scope is also a better option instead Binocular you can also try it. Binocular Will Take You Closer To the World. Create beautiful memory with the nature.

How Do Binoculars Work And Why? – 4 Interesting Facts

How do binoculars work?

Some Individual have a doubt that how do binoculars work and why? So, Our experts described that how does it work? You know how we can see far-away things clearly? We used a technology which we called Optics. Binoculars have lenses that focus the lights and magnify the objects which we called magnification. So using this process we can see long distance objects much closer.

Binoculars are a versatile tool by using this individual can see long-distance objects with brighter, sharp and clear vision. We have Porro prism technology, roof prism technology, Night vision, Digital capacity that meet user needs. So we need to know how these technologies work? And how do these Best Binoculars give you such an amazing vision?. 

How Do Binoculars Works - Reasons

Light Refraction

Light has an important role in magnification. No magnification will work without light. Researchers have worked for so many years to capture the light then they got the solution in the form of a lens. At a point when light hits the lens. It eases back down and twists. This procedure is called refraction. By using refraction we can handheld in controlling the path. The shape of the lens helps in the nature(quality) of light.  You have good control over the lens and you can get a great viewing vision.

Focal Path

When light accumulated in the focal point (lens). It creates an immediate excursion to a lens where the eyepiece focal point at that point catches it and provides a magnified image to the user. The immediate excursion is known as focal path. The focal path can be longer or shorter; it totally depends upon the size of binoculars. For your knowledge you know when we stretch the central path we get more magnification. When you keep the device length short then you can extend the light wave venture. This theory is given by Italian creator Ignacio Porro. That is how prism took birth and we got the subsequent creation of the first real binocular.


We have two types of existing technology: one is  porro prism and the second one is roof prism technology. Earlier days porro prism was very much popular. At the point when the light is sunk through the binocular focal point, it performs some rapid pinball activity on these crystals before reaching the point of convergence, pulling the focal path in this way. These crystals are known for fast 3D images and exceptional attractiveness. While the other side roof prism technology detects how many times we enter the light than porro prism. This implies a more extended focal path and all you are aware that it provides prominent magnification quality. But Manufacturing of both prisms in abundance today.

The Whole Picture

The whole picture is dependent upon the porro prism and roof prism. The more light enters inside the prism, the more amplification you’ll get. When light passes to either of the prisms. It bounces in a defined direction then lastly comes the full circle in its point of convergence, where it is captured by the eyepiece focal points. When you examine through a pair of binoculars you’ ll get the results of long, twisted paths of light.

Final Words

Now, you must have gone through the whole scenario of how binoculars work? There are some important features also such as a multi coating lens to provide great image quality. Nitrogen or Rubber armor coating for water proof and size differ in lens and magnification. That makes the great binocular based on user needs. But the real reason behind the good binocular is how they catch, twist and moderate light and provide the closer vision. When You are planning to do outdoor activities carry Binocular with you to create beautiful memories.

Why Do We Use The Binoculars?

Why do we use binoculars?s

Binoculars produce a merged view with great impression of depth. Binocular takes you closer to the world. Most of the people use the binoculars for wildlife studies. Individuals can use binoculars for various activities such as Sports, Hunting, Bird watching, travelling, Concerts, Marine, and outdoor activities. Here, We’ll describe various intriguing uses of Binocular in depth. Explore the world with Best hunting Binocular.  The main uses of Binoculars that described by our buying guide  expert are Hunting, Bird Watching, Military, Travelling, Astronomy, Range Finder, Sports etc. 

The Uses Of Binoculars


Hunting is the passion of some people. So Pick the Best hunting Binocular to follow your passion in different areas. Good Binoculars permit you to watch the perfect environment for yourself so that you are able to hit the target without missing any potential targets. The one who are perusing  the specific area should choose the durable roof prism binoculars.

Bird Watching

Some people’s favourite hobby is Bird watching. even in old days it was very much popular. When you have a great binocular the hobby becomes more enjoyable. With the good binocular you can see birds with great viewing vision. When you will look to the sky and then you’ll see the bird with great binocular. Seriously, It’ll give you the great pleasure to viewer’s eye. The Binoculars that larger in size are better for bird watching.


If You are very much fond of travelling then surely you should have a need for a good binocular. So that while travelling you can enjoy the beauty of nature with great binoculars. Through the binoculars you can see the far objects with great image details.


Binoculars are engineered specially for astronomical viewing. Generally it is used by By Amateur Astronomy to observe the objects in the sky with naked eye. By The use of binoculars you can see the perfect picture of planetary bodies such as the moon, stars, milky way galaxies, planets etc. When you start watching moon, it will look different with  a great pair of binoculars. When you observe on daily basis to the sky, you will identify that Jupiter’s moon changing Position around the jupiter.


When we talk about the military, binoculars are the right choice.  Binocular is also used in our ancient time for the purpose of military service. Binoculars designed for general military use are more rugged than their civilian counterparts. It plays an important role in military service.

Range Finder

Binocular is also used as Range finder. The Range finder what does it mean? the determination of a range by which to start adjustment on a target. So we use binoculars for long distance targets.

Special Events

Binocular is used for Sports, Concerts, Hiking, Camping, Recreational uses, Photos, While fishing or on a boat, Wildlife safari and many outdoor events. Individual can also used binoculars for some special events such as Land surveys and geographical data collection. So that you can get the clear vision of events and enjoy the event by being there with the best binocular. 

What is the use of binoculars?

Here, I wrapped up all interesting uses of binocular. Pick the Best hunting Binocular to feel the beauty of world and create memory. These Binoculars will give you sharp, Brighter, Wide view of objects. Find Water Resistant Binocular so that you can take experience of the nature in any weather conditions. A great pairs of binoculars help you to enjoy the beauty of nature and explore outside world of this world. Once you start using binoculars you’ll definitely loving. Trust me!

NOTE: Never try to see the sun directly. If you try this, You may face some severe damage or even blindness to your eyes.