7 Best Crossbow 2020 – Unbiased Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Best Crossbow

Crossbow, The significant player of warfare whose basic mechanism is based on the principle of archery is widely used for hunting and various shooting sports. This tool resembles bow and arrow invented a hundred of a year ago that was again used majorly for hunting animals or targets located in short-range of distance. 

We have reviewed the best Crossbow which is available in the market today. So, Our buying guide will help you to find the top crossbow for yourself according to your needs. Also, You can save your time by following our Guide and here, choose the best crossbow for yourself to follow your passion. Surely you need a binocular while using crossbow. Then choose one Best hunting binocular for yourself.

Product name
Best crossbowSPARTAN Race Red Back Pistol Crossbownight vision monocular
Hunting crossbowRDJLIFE Pistol Crossbow night vision monocular
Best crossbowEK Archery Cobra System R9 Crossbow Deluxnight vision monocular
Best hunting CrossbowKiller Instinct Rush 380 Crossbownight vision monocular
Crossbow for huntingPSE Coalition Crossbownight vision monocular
XGear best crossbowX-Gear Crossbownight vision monocular
PSE best crrosbowPSE Thrive 400 Crossbownight vision monocular

7 Best Crossbow 2020

1. SPARTAN RACE Red Back - Pistol Crossbow

The Spartan race pistol crossbow is the very latest and best selling pistol crossbow of the world. This pistol cross is designed based on the innovative Barnett commando pistol of the late 80’s and early 90’s. This cross is very simple and easy to cock. We can make the target at high speed over a good distance by using this crossbow.


➤This crossbow bolt speed is 235 feet per second. Also, It includes 3 plastic bolts and a bow stringer.

➤It is designed strong and tough and it includes a soft-grip handle, fore-grip, and trigger. Its bow stringer framework provides safety for you and your Bow.

➤Licensed able to use both hands security framework on the crossbow rather than alongside the link against Dry fire insurance. 

➤Extra-long Picatinny rail for mounting embellishments underneath the gun.

  • Doesn’t require lots of energy to cock.
  • Simple and easy to cock.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • It is safe.
  • No telescope sights are used.

2. RDJLIFE - Pistol Crossbow

This RDJ crossbow is designed in military style. It provides greater control and accuracy. This is the latest model in crossbow technology. The item dimension is in width: 16.5” and  in length: 20”. The arrow speed is 185 feet per second and the power stroke is 6 inch.


➤This is the sturdy in design yet lightweight crossbow model.

➤It has a new self-cocking system which is simple, fast and safe to use. And it ensures a precise string alignment shot after shot.

➤This crossbow retains solid resin construction with fiberglass cross limb.

➤It has a built-in auto-safety mechanism to reduce accidental firing.

➤It has a fully adjustable tactical grip system.


  • It provides greater control and accuracy.
  • Auto safety feature.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Simple and safe to use.
  • Its arrow speed is a little bit lower than others.

3. Ek Archery Cobra System R9 - Crossbow Delux

The Cobra System R9 Crossbow must be portrayed as a distinct advantage there is not at all like this available on the market nor has there ever been this sort of crossbow previously. The crossbow draw weight is 90 lbs, crossbow bolt speed is 240 feet per second, This case estimates 20.5” in length and weight is 4.5 lbs. The power stroke is 7.5”.


➤This crossbow includes AR stock, 6.75” bolts,  Red dot sight, sling, and foregrip. 

➤We can use this as a pistol by removing the AR stock.

➤It has an underlever cocking system that allows for easy crossbow cocking for the even smallest shooter.

➤The Cobra has been intended to completely gather in seconds making it perfect for minimized capacity and travel.

➤IK makes it simple to put the spotlight and a laser onto the crossbow.

  • It can be used as a pistol.
  • Perfect for storage and travel.
  • Fire multiple bots on it.
  • It doesn’t help with the fast-moving target.

The Rush 380 crossbow provides the significant knockdown force, shot-after-shot downrange exactness, and a seemingly endless amount of time year-after-year constancy in a custom fitting crossbow bundle. It’s bolt speed is 380 feet per second. The item weight is 06 ounces. The power stroke is 13.25”.


This Rush 380 crossbow pro package included such as Rush 380 crossbow, Lumix illuminated scope, 3 hyper lite bolts with field tips, Rope cocker, string suppressors, quiver,  and the stick of rail lube.

➤The crossbow speed 380 feet per second.

➤This is a custom fit crossbow that has an adjustable buttstock and x-lok fore-grip.

➤It has enhanced micro lite aluminum barrel and 3.5-pound killer tech trigger for demonstrated precision.

➤It is integrated with a dead silent kit which helps to reduce noise and vibration to increase stealth.

  • It offers power, reliability and tag filling performance.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Precision shooting.
  • Little bit costly.

5. PSE Coalition - Crossbow

Experience execution with the all-new PSE Coalition. Taking shots at an amazing 380 FPS, the Coalition is a quick, conservative, and ergonomic crossbow highlighting the solace of a flexible stock and a go through fore-grip. The PSE Coalition is likewise positioning winch perfect.


➤The saw includes 4 bolt quiver, 3 pk arrows, and extra 6 pk hunting bolts.

➤This saw has dual string stops.

➤It has a 4*32 illuminated reticle scope.

➤It includes a 4*32 MR scope.

➤It has an Anti-dry fire and Auto safety trigger.

  • The coalition is fast, compact, ergonomic.
  • It is made of good quality.
  • It has an auto safety trigger.
  • It needs maintenance.

6. X-Gear - Crossbow

This X-Gear crossbow is included with a 3-red-spot sight scope, 4 piece of 16″ aluminum bolt, wax, stringer, cushioned sling, shudder, positioning rope. The item dimension is, in length 34.5”, in width 26.5”. The weight of this saw is 11.2 pounds(shipping weight is included).


It has a 3-red-spot sight scope, 4pcs of 16″ aluminum bolt, wax, stringer, cushioned sling, shudder, positioning rope.

➤This crossbow max bolt speed is 210 feet per second.

➤The power stroke is 10.5” and the trigger pull is 6 lbs.

➤This crossbow’s tip arrow weight is 125 grains.

➤It has an Anti-dry fire mechanism for your security.


  • Anti-dry fire mechanism.
  • simple and easy to cock.
  • Dedicated grip handle.
  • A little bit heavier than others.

7. PSE Thrive 400 - Crossbow

.The PSE thrive 400 crossbow is engineered with reverse cam technology. This crossbow’s dimension is 1 * 1 * 1 inches. The product dimension is 0.96 ounces. This crossbow is very simple and easy to cock. This crossbow has 5 color brightness settings to adapt to any environment.


➤This crossbow has commendable shooting speed: 400 feet per second.

➤It includes four 22 inches carbon bolts and 1 discharge bolts.

➤It has CNC precision to improve power, speed, and accuracy.

➤It is designed with a reverse cam system to create a longer power stroke which boosts kinetic energy in every shot.

➤Its scope and stops are installed to reduce the intensity of sounds and vibration.

  • Made with premium quality material.
  • It has an Anti-dry trigger.
  • It includes CNC precision.
  • It has great bolt speed.
  • A little bit costly.

7 Tips for Best hunting Crossbow

best crossbow parts

1. Speed

Speed is the most important feature of the crossbow. If you want to hit a long shot Then speed matters the most. So the compound crossbow offers the best speed. Choose your crossbow according to your priorities.

2. Physical Structure

We can also call it the Arrow track, Flight tracking, and barrel.  The physical structure makes it feasible for you to deliver the arrow. The more precise the physical structure, the more accurate delivery of the arrow. 

3. Noise

You have to check that dead silent kit is included in your crossbow it helps to reduce the noise and vibration to perform stealth. If you are planning for hunting then you should choose this type of crossbow.

4. Weight

Weight is an exceptionally fundamental thing while picking a crossbow. We can easily carry the light crossbow. While heavier crossbow creates difficulty at the time hunting. Since these two perspectives offer ascent to a significant inconsistency, the best activity when purchasing a bow is to think about your own physical restrictions.

5. Parts

When you buy a crossbow you should first think about what quality it is made. If you choose plastic made crossbow then there will be more chances of breakage. Choose a crossbow which is made of metal. This is the best quality material when we talk about the crossbow.

6. Additional Feature

Some crossbow is made with extra features such as anti-dry fire mechanism and CNC precision, Scopes, noise damping device, etc. These features offer accuracy, speed power, safety, and dependability, etc.

7. Customization

The more customize your crossbow, The amazing adaptable it is. In case you’re the sort of bowman who needs to add and remove parts to kill your “off the rack” bow into a completely altered weapon at that point does the bow you’re thinking about permitting you to do as such?


We have provided a comprehensive list of best crossbow. Here is the branded crossbow list such as Horton, Spartan, and PSE etc. Now, you can choose your crossbow by analyzing your needs, your budget, and your priorities etc. Just follow the above instruction and finalize your crossbow to follow your passion. It’ll definitely help you to choose your hunting crossbow based on your requirements.

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